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Awesome Air Evac’s standard medical flight crew is a mission specific combination of a Flight Doctor and Flight Nurse or Flight Paramedic. Our medical flight crew have ACLS and PALS, ATLS, pre-hospital EMS, ICU and trauma experience.

With more than 18 years of experience in aeromedical services including more than 400 fixed wing flight missions and more than 600 HEMS missions, DR GLENN STAPLES, MEDICAL DIRECTOR is more than qualified to head up this essential service offering. He has been involved in the establishment and management of Fixed Wing, HEMS and Helicopter Surf Rescue Operations across Africa. His 10 years of pre-hospital primary response EMS work in Johannesburg (road ambulance), three years anaesthetics experience, 18 months’ dedicated ICU experience as well as two years’ full-time experience in a Level 1 Trauma Unit stand him in good stead. He is also a qualified BLS, ACLS, PALS and APLS Instructor.

He is ably assisted by SHANE MARAIS, GENERAL MANAGER who is an Advanced Life Support Flight Paramedic with extensive experience in aeromedical operations and medical assistance services in Africa. He has over 20 years’ experience in the operational and managerial aspects of the pre-hospital and aero-medical environment, flight operations management as well as the establishment and management of Fixed Wing, HEMS and Helicopter Surf Rescue operations across Africa.

This core team are bolstered by a 24/7 Flight Desk manned by medically qualified staff. The Flight Desk is operated from a full Call Centre platform which includes a case management system and voice logging. The Flight Desk handles all flight requests and tracks all flights from start to finish. Detailed updates on flight progress are given to clients at every step during a flight.

Aircraft maintenance and scheduling is controlled and managed through our in-house maintenance controller and line support. Our dedicated engineers enjoy full manufacturer and OEM support while our fleet types ensure parts support, availability and common knowledge bases and skill sets.